car lift

Some Unique Features:

“Rope elevator”
– Suitable for roof parking lot or a parking building.
– Reduction by50% of the operational rate by inverter control(VVVF)
(compared with AV primary system)
– Reduction by50% of the private generation capacity on the building
(compared with AV primary system)
– Providing a precision landing ard rides as smooth as a passenger elevator
– Computer-controlled speed and movement enhances reliability of the total system.
– Multi-surveillance function by the self-diagnosis system provides an excellent stability.

“Hydraulic elevator”
-Suitable for a basement parking lot.
– Requiring a smaller installation space than a rope elevator.
– Allowing a wider margin in selection a location of the machine room, making designing more convenient.
– Precision landing, smooth acceleration & deceleration, noiseless movement.
– Enhanced safety by a cutoff of hydraulic fluid.





2/3 UP


(15-30) M/Min

As required