Your elevator can be exhausted by continuous operation. As an elevator is a complex system, its parts can be damaged after long period. For preventing excessive wear and breakdown, we provide maintenance service.

Elevator New Installation

Elevator Engineers Ltd. designs, supplies and installs a full line of passenger and freight elevators throughout the Midwest.

Elevator Engineers Ltd. specializes in hydraulic and traction elevator systems for commercial, healthcare, industrial, and residential facilities in new and existing buildings.

Our Team Provides:

  •     Custom engineering
  •     Drawing layouts
  •     Complete specifications
  •     Field surveys
  •     Job scheduling
  •     Project management
  •     Top-of-the-line customer service
  •     Ability to accommodate quick installations
  •     Minimal building disruptions

Ongoing training is provided, so installation crews remain current with technological advancements and changes in safety codes.

    Only the Best

Elevator Engineers Ltd. installation crews are fully trained through the National Elevator Industry Education Program.Let our professional installation team help you through this process. Our number one focus is designing, manufacturing, and installing your elevator in the safest and most efficient way possible.

   Performance Guaranteed

We guarantee your vertical transportation needs are met to ensure your building is operating at peak performance all day, every day.

All Elevator Engineers Ltd. maintenance technicians utilize the latest diagnostic software to properly monitor and maintain equipment, which allows for easier maintenance tasks, quicker troubleshooting, and smoother and quieter rides. At Elevator Engineers Ltd., we also believe in physically inspecting your equipment instead of fully relying on remote monitoring.

Elevator Engineers Ltd. continues to provide the highest amount of scheduled maintenance time in the elevator industry. We believe in preventive maintenance, rather than breakdown maintenance; our goal is to avert problems before they occur. We schedule routine maintenance during off-peak times to minimize downtime and decrease disruption to your building flow.

   Our People

At Elevator Engineers Ltd., we have a unique approach to elevator maintenance. Most of our service personnel have electrical backgrounds or degrees in electronics, and all of our technicians go through intensive hands-on training using state-of-the-art technology.

As a manufacturer and installer of elevator equipment, many of our service personnel start in the installation department. This additional training allows us to heighten the knowledge of our service personnel, test their skills, and select the best mechanics to service your vertical transportation equipment.

Service Contract Comparison

Elevator Engineers Ltd. provides numerous maintenance programs. Please review the                programs below and contact us to determine which best serves your needs.