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September 22, 2016
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September 22, 2016
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Commercial passenger elevator

SCHUMACHER commercial passenger elevator is a modern intelligent elevator that integrates intelligence,humanism and science.Widely used in office building,hotel,business center,hospital and other places with high passenger flow,it can bring convenience and enjoyment to your high-efficiency life.


Commercial passenger elevator

The safe,accurate and guaranteed position control system

Advanced sensors on the motor rotor movement for high precision real time signal feedback, to achieve in a hoistway running car positioning achieve millimeter level precision, achieving almost no difference level.
A reliable car displacement memory technology, to ensure that the elevator stops to open early peace layer security function.

Professional service at special time—Micro-computer group supervision and management

SCHUMACHER elevator group control system is a high-speed network processing central nervous system, it can calculate the building the best elevator operation mode. The system of traffic control performance excellence from parallel” fuzzy calculation” method. The processing system is based on a highly efficient, rapid genetic algorithm, it can choose the best route for passengers to ride, so that passengers in any traffic conditions receive timely services.
Comfortable experience from car with clearance height of 2.8m
Car of the elevator is 60cm higher than traditional car,providing a wider and more comfortable carrying space.
LED high-efficiency green light source

This decreases power consumption of the elevator by 20%~35%.



It reduces the building expense and saves the construction cost

In order to know the concept of environmental protection, energy saving, saving building area, improve the degree of freedom in design is the responsibility of the SCHUMACHER elevator without machine room, fully reflects the green spirit of humanity, the elevator needs only one independent well space, without room, with the same load weight level than conventional elevators, saving energy by 40%, save construction area of 10%.
Saving up to 40% energy

A global leader in permanent magnetic synchronous gearless traction machine, effectively reduce the energy consumption, can reduce energy consumption 40%, the realization of elevator mainframe maintenance free.

Saving up to 10% area of construction
SCHUMACHER machine roomless elevator saving even more space.  The combined machine room with hoist-way give the elevator and constuction designer more freedom.


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