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Automobile elevator

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SCHUMACHER automobile elevator safeguards the wonderful running conditions of many automobiles.

SCHUMACHER automobile elevator gives a full use of the years’ automobile manufacture technology from USA SCHUMACHER Company. It applies the highly well-developed variable voltage, varable frequency control technology, precise speed governor control. It avoids noise and car-shake due to enlarged burden of traction system because of uneven encountered force to the car. It optimizes the characteristics of this series to the greatest extent.


Dual operation buttons box

There are two push-button operation boxes in the car. Therefore the driver can operate the elevator in the car without stepping out of it.

Special display system

Special circuit control and display system is convenient for the drivers inside/outside the car.

Safety guide device

Safety guide device sets in the car ground to ensure fine security of both the automobile and the elevator.

Front/rear door opening are available

The elevator car is positioned between the front and rear door openings which is more convenient for the safety aspect and for the cars to enter into/exit from the elevator cars.

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