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Freight elevator

Fulfill equal carrying in a harmonious space

SCHUMACHER serial freight elevators apply micro-computer control technology. It uses high intensity cars that have been designed and manufactured by section materials. It can transport the freight under extreme conditions. SCHUMACHER freight elevators conform to the European standard and the Chinese standard for manufacturing, installation and safety.  The European code is referred to as EN81, The standard code for China is referred to as GB7588. SCHUMACHER freight elevator is your ideal choice in the factory, warehouse, department store, shopping center, housing property management center etc. because of its safe; durable and reliable properties, high structural strength, smooth operation, large door opening distance, high cost perfor-mance and so on.

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Multiple door opening modes

In order to satisfy different entry/exit requirements from a broad range of users, SCHUMACHER freight elevator offers four door opening modes: side opening , center opening double-folded door, one-way door opening, opposite door opening. It’s flexible design can accommodate the unique requirements of any factory, warehouse, department store, shopping center, housing property management center etc.

We will never let it happen, as the old saying

SCHUMACHER freight elevator uses a slight edge to lay the brand founda-tion. The product leveling accuracy can be controlled within mm level range.
More professional and considerate

The standard professional installation and the regular maintenance schedule provide the whole system with longer service life and confinuous smooth operation. The nation-wide service network offers maximum safety guarantee for the smooth elevator travel.
Large width door opening, free entry/exit

For the convenience of free entry/exit of large bulk freight, The SCHUMACHER freight elevator series applies multi-folded car structures. It can reach maximum width when opening the car door.

The durable and anti-aging high-strength materials

SCHUMACHER freight elevator not only applies high-intensity section materials to manufacture the cars, but also implements special reinforcement design to the car platform. It brings about the more durable and anti-aging products.
Machine-room-less freight elevator

SCHUMACHER machine roomless elevator offers an infinite possibility for vast constructions

SCHUMACHER machine roomless freight elevator have many energy-saving and loss-reducing ideas. It not only saves the building area, but also greatly increases design freedom, It is also very environmentlly friendly. Compared with same load level for a freight elevator with machine room, it saves 25% of the electric energy and 10% of the building area.

freight elevator different kinds of buildings.

SCHUMACHER machine roomless freight elevator only needs a hoistway without a machine room. It brings about more deign freedom to many

Easy and effective installation

Easy installation it vital for freight transport in the elevator application. SCHUMACHER machine roomless freight elevator provides the customers with easy and effective installation plans. It ensures normal progress of the construction projects.

New generation variable frequency voltage

It is of the remarkable energy-saving, environmental protection, comfortable travel, maintenance-free, low noise and small size.

AC variable frequency door machine

The advanced technology not only saves energy, but also increases door opening/closing accuracy and ensures smooth travel of the door.
Standby & technology
When the elevator is in stand-by mode, it automatically cuts off the lighting and ventilator fan in the elevator.

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