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SCHUMACHER hosptial elevator, not only for transporting passengers, but also the use of special functions of the elevator has a special and strict requirements. SCHUMACHER bed elevator, the elevator can precisely control the speed, running smooth and comfortable. SCHUMACHER family bed elevator human-oriented design, to fully optimize the car structure, satisfy customer requirements. For passengers to create a tranquil, elegant space.

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SCHUMACHER hosptial elevator creates a harmonious unity to the hospital environments by its unique design idea.It brings about a bright and clean space.It furnishes the passengers with a cozy atmosphere.The patients will be more confident about their recovery by using such kind of the beautiful lift.

Group supervision system, intellectual elevator dispatch

SCHUMACHER hospital elevators, centralized multi-elevator control system using the best method to calculate the elevator at all times to respond to call signal which the most rapid economic and reasonable, with the fastest speed, maximum efficiency for the patient to provide decentralized dispatching. Improve the efficiency of elevator operation and reduce patient waiting times to meet the special needs of the hospital, helping for health care workers move their patients quickly and easily.
It resists magnetic interference and better suits the modern medical application

SCHUMACHER hospital elevator, for rapid development of modern medical equipment, the control system can be used effectively within a variety of sophisticated equipment layout and the building elevator electromagnetic interference between the signal and eliminate pollution of the elevator, to meet the needs of modern health care system.

Long-distance monitor offers a comprehensive warranty

3G mobile communications network with a perfect combination of real-time acquisition computer boards, frequency data, wireless remote transmission to achieve remote monitoring Internet.

Special functions for the handicapped fulfill equal carrying in a harmonious space
SCHUMACHER hospital Elevator efforts to create equality for all barrier-free space, the needs of people with disabilities into the elevator design, in addition to Braille engraving on the button, the button inside the car to cross loading tables means height above the car at the end of about one meter to succeed, people with disabilities is very easy to use, while not affecting the ordinary passengers.

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