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August 29, 2016
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September 22, 2016
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Passenger Elevator


Compact And Efficient,Stable And Reliable

To save space, expand the building larger space utilization rate,make the operation more flexible and reliable, make the building more elegant appearance, SCHUMACHER small machine roompassenger elevator, the compact type permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine and the special design ofthe control cabinet, make room area is achieved and the well area is exactly the same.

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Passenger Elevator

Saving up to 40% energy

A global leader in permanent magnetic synchronous gearless traction machine, effectively reduce the energy consumption,can reduce energy consumption 40%, the realization of elevatorm mainframe maintenance free.
Saving up to 50% area of machine room

The machine room space is just an extension of the elevator hoistway, so the construction is convenient, low energy consumption and cost. Compact gearless permanent magnet synchronous machine can provide more space for offices or living area.

STRETCHER ELEVATORTake the elevator rescue mission

Care for the health and safety of you and others, Schumacher together with you to achieve social responsibility. For the building design of elevator in case of emergency rescue, rescue use convenient.
Elevator adopts special space design, suitable for placing a stretcher and beds, especially for the 120 and other rescue work. For the relief of the elevator to tailor the special function and high reliability of special master control system, emergency use, can quickly form a barrier free relief channel, between the free flow of each floor, the successful completion of the rescue work. Applicable to residential buildings, schools, office buildings, commercial buildings, hotels, shopping malls, entertainment and other public places.
Convenient stretcher, protect the user security

The car and lengthened, depth of up to 2100mm, can be placed in a medical stretcher vehicle, the intelligent wheelchair, a small cart stretcher bed, to meet the special requirements of users, to facilitate people’s life.


Rescue System

Direct service function:
Any floor start “rescue” function, can quickly reach the destination.”Rescue” function is activated, the elevator will no longer accept other call request, forming a fast dedicated direct channel,complete the delivery task in the short time, after the completion of the task, the system automatically resume normal use.


Emergency power supply system

For the completion of the rescue mission, the elevator can be equipped with rescue special emergency system, once the blackout, start the emergency power supply system, the nearest floor elevator door, completed the rescue work.
The design of compact well, save more for the user

Rescue elevator can design small room and no room, the design of compact well, no road and engine room, large space well convenient installation; different from medical elevator, medical elevator size mainly according to the status of the “bed”, car of large scale, resulting in larger pool area and electrical energy.
Waste of customers, for customers to save more.
The national edition of “residential design standards”
According to the people’s Republic of China Ministry of housing and urban rural development, points out that the GB50096-2011 residential design standards issued jointly by the people’s Republic of China State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine Bureau, residential design standards, “residential 12 layers or more than 12 layers, each building set shall not be less than two lifts, one is specified elevator” can accommodate stretcher for emergency.







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