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September 22, 2016
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Villa elevator

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Villa elevator

Ride in comfort to happy family lift

Dedicated inverter system, precise control of the elevator running, comprehensive approach to improve your experience by ladder, pre-torque function, according to the load information provided by the sensor automatically adjusts the torque to start the elevator, the elevator starts to make more natural, comfortable. Gearless sealed bearings without lubrication, the complete elimination of oil pollution, but also eliminates the gear box, bring the noise when the achievements of your wonderful home environment.
New concept electric home appliance leads a new and fashion life

Schumacher villa elevator installation either indoors or outdoors, have no special shaft, no special pits, no special room, even without a large number of civil construction, like any appliance placement of your home as easy and without any space restrictions. Need is very low maintenance costs.
VILLA LIFT technology advantage

With the characteristic of high precision manufacturing inorganic gear operation, closed-loop VVVF drive, start-up and stop smoothly and comfortably.
Intellectual Control System

Professional design of 32 bit master control computer board, using CAN bus serial communication technology, which can accurately and reliably control elevator operation, any fault diagnosis of elevator possible, and make the corresponding safety measures and warning.

The Top Grade Door Machine System

The VVVF frequency conversion door machine system, ensure the door opening and closing operation curve perfect smoothing, noise reduction.

Rope Broken Switch

MRL lift  was designed with a rope broken switch is provided to stop lift and protect passengers in case of the suspension rope broken

Gantry type car frame, more stable equilibrium

The elevator car Longmen car frame structure, which can increase the car stability, comfort, but also to ensure the operation of the elevator in a state of balance, reduce friction, increase the life of the elevator components.


Emergency auto landing system

To prevent accidental power cut off, the elevator can be used ARD emergency flat layer power, to ensure that the power suddenly power off, can let the elevator still has enough power to the safety of the passengers to the nearest station.

Emergency dial

when old parents or children use the villa lift,we must consider about them safety,Our villa lift can set auto emergency phone on the alarm button, In case of the lift be fault and the persons in the cabin can press the alarm button then it will auto dail to the emergency number set in phone to protect the passengers greatly.

IC Card auto floor slector

In order to make the elevator become you and your family exclusive ride tool, we can provide IC card intelligent control elevator functions, you can use the card to your or my company to provide the special IC card use the elevator, in addition, the elevator will not respond to any other way of selecting layer.

Fingerprint intelligent recognition

When the mian power off unexpectedly, the power supply of Austand CH-3000 MRL homelife wil be automatically shlift will be automatically shift to UPS instantaneously. Passengers will be carried safely to floors specified or nearest. This function is standardized in Austand CH-3000 MRL home lift.

Long-distance monitor function

3G mobile communications and Internet network perfect combination, real-time acquisition computer board, converter data, wireless remote transport, achieve Internet remote monitoring.

steel shaft

it is more expedience to make steel shaft for customer, it can saving area of structure and cost, and offer good decoration base to satisfy the personalize require.

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