We are suppliers maintain an inventory of virtually every elevator part manufactured over the past 13 years. All of these suppliers will ship any part required overnight. This service will be utilized only in the event necessary materials are not located in your elevator machine room or our local facility. The parts manufactured by our suppliers meets and most often exceed the original manufacturers specifications.


Maintenance and Repair

Many customers do not realize that they have other options when it comes to how their elevator can be serviced, and by whom.  They believe that the manufacturer is the only one with the knowledge to service or repair their equipment.  Our technicians service all types of elevators and equipment.  Whether your elevator is 5 months or 50 years old, Worried about part availability?  If the part is not on hand in one of our service vehicles, in service cabinets in elevator machine rooms, or in our warehouse – we will turn to our suppliers, give us a call to see how we can help.


Inspect and Lubricate

This is our least expensive option.  This is also the choice of our residential customers.  Our technician will periodically lubricate all moving parts, perform minor adjustments, and inspect the elevator.  The technician will report any potential issues to the owner/property manager.  If the owner approves, work will be scheduled.


Full Maintenance (10:00 am to 6:30 pm, Sat – Thurs)

This option is our most popular.  Will a full maintenance agreement you will still get the benefits of the inspect and lubricate service with the added benefit of parts and labor coverage.


Advance Support

We are providing service any kind of Elevators, Escalators, Servicing, maintenance, reappearing & ensure provide all kinds of branding lift’s spare Parts. Please give us a call to see how we can help you. Please call +8801711020076


Full Maintenance with overtime callbacks
This option includes all of the above and gives the customer 24/7 service.  Most hospitals, hotels and public service buildings that operate at all hours choose this service. For 24/7 support please call +8801711020076,01711731953.


 Our service equipment

Tools list:
SL No ITEMS Quantity
01 Chain Pulley -3 Ton to 5 Ton 7 Pcs.
02 Hammer 2LB and 5LB 20 Pcs.
03 Drill bit Box(complete set, IRON) 10 Sets
04 Drill Machine (Hammer) 8 Pcs.
05 Drill Machine (Steel) 8 Pcs.
06 Bench Drill Machine 2 Pcs.
07 Grinding Machine 8 Pcs.
08 Normal Pliers 20 Pcs.
09 Cutting Pliers 18 Pcs.
10 Water Level 15 Pcs.
11 Screw Driver – Star and flat 32 sets
12 Adjustable Wrench 12”-10”-20” 10 Pcs.
13 Plum bob 20 Pcs.
14 Hammer drill bit-8mm-10mm-12mm-16mm-20mm 28 Pcs.
15 L.Key set 10 sets
16 Safety belt 50 Pcs.
17 Hacksaw Frame 16 Pcs.
18 Triangle 24 Pcs.
19 Ring wrench (10/13/17/19/22/24/32)mm 100 Pcs
20 Measurement tape(Steel) . 10 Pcs
21 Revit gun 8 Pcs
22 Shaft wire 10 Lots
23 Guide checker 6 Sets
24 Safety Helmet 50 Pcs
25 Digital Multimeter 8 sets
26 Double Headed Wrench (10/13/17)mm 100 Pcs
27 Nose Pliers (19/22/24/32)mm 10 Pcs
28 Connector 6” 10 Pcs
29 Megar 2 sets
30 Clipon meter 2 sets